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A 501(C)(3) Providing Resources to the Upper Midwest Emerging Technology Community.


Our Story

How We Got Here

Back in 2015 we saw a need for a new kind of technology group. One that was specifically focused on an emerging technology at the time called the "Internet of Things" ( IoT ).

We went to work forming our non-profit, and setting our sites on building a unique community that was a bridge between makers, entrepreneurs and engineers with those of investors and executives. The result was the largest IoT community in the United States, IoT Fuse. We hosted conferences, monthly meetups and hackathons that served thousands of people in Minnesota and beyond.

On January 1st, 2020, we took the organization to the next level and began focusing on all emerging technologies and rebranded ourselves as Emerging Technology North.

"Go Big or Go Home" is what we believe in and are thrilled that you are interested in what we have to offer! We will be continuing to serve those of all ages in the community who are interested in plugging into those who are working in the exciting field of Emerging Technologies.


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Applied AI

Monthly meetup on Applied Artificial Intelligence

AppliedAI is a monthly meetup that develops Minnesota’s next generation of experts by educating citizens of all ages in the tools, processes, and applications that are needed to implement solutions that use Artificial Intelligence (AI). The organization runs regular events that involve training, learning and sharing real-world projects where AI is applied to solve problems that impact our lives.


Conversations on Applied AI Podcast

Join the conversation!

“Welcome to the Applied AI Podcast where Justin Grammens and the team at Emerging Technologies North have conversations with experts and thought leaders in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. In each episode, we cut through the hype and dive into how these technologies are being applied to real-world problems today. We hope that you find the conversations educational and applicable to your industry and don’t forget to connect with us to continue the conversation at AppliedAI.MN. Enjoy!”


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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to help the upper midwest succeed in advancing the user of Emerging Technologies of ALL ages.

Please consider giving a charitable donation of any amount to help us with our programming and education of students and professionals of all ages in 2020.


Live and Virtual Events!

Here is just a small sample of the in-person events that we've hosted in previous years and will continue to practice safe and healthy distancing by having virtual events in 2020. We have a lot of awesome programming coming and are excited to see you soon!


The Emerging Technologies North Team

Get to Know Us

Our passion for creating meaningful connections and building communities is what sets us apart. The Emerging Technologies North team believes that we can all both be good teachers and students of each other. To learn more about the incredible Emerging Technologies North team, please have a look below.

Justin Grammens

Jennifer Deglmann

Eric Nyaribo

Daniel Feldman


"Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday."

- Steve Jobs


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